San Diego Complimentary Cocktails

Part 1 - Seven Caves Spirits

March 14, 2018

Part 1 - Seven Caves Spirits










Seven Caves Spirits is one of San Diego County's distilleries.

Currently located in the neighborhood of Miramar; we had a Willy Wonka-like experience with the owner, Geoff Longenecker. He prides himself on creating unique and diverse batches of distilled spirits. We actually had a rare chance to taste a one of a kind delicious gin coming right out of the still at over 150 proof. CRAZY AWESOME RIGHT?

Hope you enjoy the show.


Host(s) include:

Ron Fox

Juliana Fausnaugh-Fox


Invited guest(s) include:

Jacqueline Campos

Monica Allen

Aundreja Michelle




Topics and honorable mentions to this podcast episode:

01:53 - And we begin our juniper-orange gin experience

02:43 - What kind of oranges? Valencia oranges, blood oranges, and cara cara oranges

06:15 - Re-distilled if not consumed within 60 days

07:23 - Jackie explains her typical gin bar experience

08:13 - Craft gin is a thing right now

09:05 - Gin batch no. 001

11:30 - Bourbon used to be dad's drink

13:28 - Getting a little deeper in gin run...batch no. 002

14:02 - Zero sugar in distilled spirits

17:20 - What's in this place?

18:13 - I don't believe in uniformity of my product

20:47 - Open unjacketed fermentation

21:40 - Fingering freshly distilled 160 proof gin right out of the still (aka Willy Wonka experience)

28:58 - What's your background?

30:47 - Tank of shame and super-conservative cuts to the alcohol

35:24 - Adding sugar masks the complex flavors of rum

39:44 - 3 things that happen when becoming a distiller

41:45 - Barrel aged rum maple syrup (aka 'crack cocaine in a bottle'), but first...let's do a cocktail

43:35 - Paper plane cocktail: 1-part Seven Caves rum, 1-part Aperol, Amaro, blood oranges (or 'Gummy Bear' cocktail coined by Julie)

Escondido, CA

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Gin craze era

FruitCraft Fermentery and Distillery

Milkshake IPA

Sugar wash for rum base

Grain neutral spirit (pre-bought)

Mash tun, fermenting tanks, and plate column stills

Reflux in distillation

Gin basket

Reverse osmosis water

Keto diet

Aperol spritz

Bill Rogers (Liberty Call Distilling LLC)

Farm-to-Table trend

Craft cocktail


Thank you Geoff for allowing SDCC to record our podcast at your 'mad scientist-like' distillery. We look forward to our next encounter.

Cheers, salud, and kanpai!